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This is a story…

11 mars, 2009

Soundtrack, ~With me-Sum 41~

Vince wanted me to do this post in English. He and only he is responsible for this post. Oh and yeah «If your name is not Vincenzo Biagio Fazzari, you should stop reading right now». lol

Well first of all, I met Vince on Liberty of the Seas (RCCL), plus some other kids that doesn’t need to be mentioned! Jokess, Cody, Ben, Lucas, Alexander, Sloan, Michael, Ryan, Nandi, Jason(and all his hook-ups. Someone needs to upload all that.), (+…Eddie (haha funniest «grown up» on the cruise, up for anything!)) It’s not like I forgot you, jeez, you’re making a scene!!♥ Anyway… We all basically met on the first day, which made the second day feel like the fifth (not explainable unless you’ve been on a cruise). We would live by the pool/in the Jacuzzi (as often as we could, Cody, not all of us can actually stay under water for as long as you, lol jokes.), or we would be in stateroom 6613. Me and Vince we’re really kind of acquaintances at first, cause I hung out with Codes and Jason, who Erik actually met before me (OMG 😮 I hadn’t even left the room and he’d made friends!). But it didn’t take long before we were all in the Jacuzzi, and that was it really… They’re all really easy to get along with and oh my God they make me laugh (especially Ben, and ALL of you know he deserves his own show).

So, like on day two already we a bunch of us were sitting on deck 11, and all of a sudden Vince and I are sitting alone. I’m still confused about how this happened, haha, but anyway long, cute story short -> We got along really well, got to know each other better and had fun. Then the lot came back and so Vince and I decided to go up to deck 13, and the rest is history basically.

Through the whole week of the cruise, I remember how we’d all plan where we’d meet which was usually by the pool, or in the Living Room/Fuel, then we’d all be like «Oh and we have to hurry back from land and go there immediately!!». I also remember how we would randomly meet on the islands, for example on Labadee/Haiti haha and NO a necklace for 7$ is not a bargain. A dollar and a hug though… I told you guys, I’m awesome at this! Hehe and the hours we spent on the beach and in the hammocks♥ Plus of course I won’t forget the midnight mass, movie time in 6613, those crazy jokes and sayings from Ben which we all quote to this day, and when legendary Alexander drank wicked many Labadoo’s on Labadee, HAHA.

After one week of basically living with each other, some ups, some downs and just some plain awesome moments, we had to leave each other. If you’ve been on a cruise, or lived with someone for a week and then leave to know you’re never going to see almost every one of them ever again, you know how much this hurts. It’s so sad even today to think about it. How Cody was the only one who cried in public and how that made the rest of us leave teary eyed. How Vince walked me back to my room, how we said goodbye and we hugged and kissed. I think the worst thing was though when I on leaving day met Vince I swear to God more than 4 times. I also met both Ryan and Michael, and oh my God that burns. To everyone who was on the cruise, I miss you all so much, and if you’re reading this I hope you leave a random comment or a little story just so I know you’re still out there, hehe 😉

Now, Vince and I still talk and we have been talking every day and I love him so much, it’s crazy how well we fit. Therefore I made this post which is supposed to be about Vince, but to tell you about him and explain who we are, I had to tell you the story about how we met, which I just did. Now, you curious person reading this: I hope you’re not thinking this is it, because it’s definitely not. Too bad only we know it all 🙂

I want to go see him this summer so bad, and I’m hoping my parents will let me go, it would make my life. No joke. He loves me so, which he tells me all the time and I blatantly love him too.

Vince: I’ll be seeing you soon, ti amo.♥

Christmas vacation 08, Vince and I             xoxo, Elisabeth

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  1. Vincenzo Biagio Fazzari permalink
    11 mars, 2009 05:31

    I love you so so much its amazing
    and «the rest is history» I love it 😉
    ti amo sempre e per sempre 🙂 mi vedrà presto mio amore ❤

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