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About my host family!

6 mai, 2009

Ok, so like you already know I got a host family May 1. 

Thinking you’d be curious to read about who I’ll be staying with for a year; I asked my host family if I could write about them here, and they said of course so; here goes!

I was selected by Tom and Char Yetzer to live with them for a year program (09/10) in Shelby, Ohio. The City of Shelby is in Richland County (obviously in Ohio) and my house is just outside the city itself (between Shelby and Mansfield – a bigger city – if I’m not mistaken).
I live about 5 miles from school and will be attending Shelby Senior High (Home of the Whippets, hehe); I’ll be in grade 12 and hopefully I’ll be allowed to graduate with the other students at the end of the year. ( I don’t know too much about the school yet and haven’t seen photos, but I’m excited!)

My family consists of Tom and Char that are married and are my host parents, and their son, Ryan, who’s 25 and doesn’t live at home but visits about every other weekend (he’s currently in the process of buying a house, so congrats Ryan :)). I’ve spoken quite a bit with both Tom and Char over email and they seem great. Perfect in fact.

mom and dad




Tom is retired from superintendent of Shelby’s water treatment plant (he retired early because he could :)) and he now builds houses/does carpenter jobs as a hobby. Char is a part time home-based travel agent and  also works part time at an insurance office. They are Catholic and we will be going together to church weekly as a family (and also, if I want to we can sometimes go to a Lutheran church).
Tom has a pretty big family from what I undestand and the Yetzer’s have a lot of get-togethers both with family and friends. They also love travelling (just like I do!!) and already I’ve been invited on a cruise in the Caribbean so I’m super-excited about that!
I will not only be getting my own room in the house, but the second floor will basically be my own little «apartment» in the house! How cool is that?

They have two cats and will probably be getting a dog by the time I arrive (sadly, their old dog just died.)


In Ohio, they have about the same temperatures as they have in Norway with high 80’s degrees fahrenheit in the summer (between 25-30° celcius) and between 15-20°F during wintertime (-5 to -10°C) and also even subzero °F (-20°C). So yeah; pretty much just like Norway with all four seasons 🙂
The Yetzer’s enjoy bicycling, jogging, football and golf, swimming (yayy), volleyball, movies, music, baking, internet, socializing, travel (!!) watching TV, and school and volunteer activities! To name some.
One of the reasons they wanted to host a student for a year is because their home has always been filled with youth and they missed all the activities related to school.


I feel truly blessed for being chosen by them, they sound just perfect and I have no doubt we will go well together as a family.


Thank you, Elisabeth

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  1. 7 mai, 2009 10:15

    Heldig:) Cruise til Karribien til og med!!

    • 7 mai, 2009 10:15

      Hehe jaa, jeg ble skikkelig sjokket og glad 😀 Føler meg veldig heldig!

  2. astridicanada permalink
    7 mai, 2009 10:45

    Hei, det høres skikkelig bra ut og de virket skikkelig koselige 🙂 !

  3. astridicanada permalink
    7 mai, 2009 10:46

    Følte at jeg bare likte å si skikkelig litt mange ganger. Skikkelig.

  4. 7 mai, 2009 11:12

    Du kommer til å få det driiitfett på utveksling! De virker serr bare perfekte:)

  5. Dorthe permalink
    7 mai, 2009 18:47

    jeg sier bare: thumbs UP!

  6. 7 mai, 2009 19:22

    herregud, jeg vil også ha! gratulerer 😉

  7. 10 mai, 2009 12:04

    de virker jo fantastiske 😀 gratulerer!

  8. 14 mai, 2009 16:12

    fornøyd med staten da? ;P

  9. 22 juli, 2009 00:57

    Herlig! Høres ut som en flott familie! ^^
    Jeg linket til deg på min blogg, er fint å bli oppdatert på hva andre AFS-ere opplever. 🙂

    • Elisabeth permalink
      22 juli, 2009 08:27

      Jepp! Jeg gjør det samme, det er alltid spennende! 🙂

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